Kennel Roxanne

Background - how it all started

Susanne Björkman


I live with my family, seven Golden Retrievers, two Irish wolfhounds, four cats (two Burmese, a British mix & the youngest a lovely little farm cat) in the countryside in Almunge which is a half hour drive east of Arlanda and Uppsala.

I got my first golden in 1973, that it became a golden was a pure coincidence… I was an incredibly crazy child who was lucky enough to borrow our neighbors' golden when two years old. With her I participated in a lot of courses, exhibited, started trimming, etc.
Eventually she came to live more and more with me, and thus became "my" first dog.

My first own litter was born in 1985, it was extremely longed for after many years of active dog ownership and working at the kennel.
The "litter" consisted of one puppy! That litter has since been followed by about thirty-five more. Raising dogs is an exciting and very interesting hobby / lifestyle where many factors work together on the way to a good breeding result, such as a good breeding material, knowledge of genetics, ability and feeling for what can fit together, etc.!

To sum it all up, a diligent effort to breed "better and better" dogs in terms of temperament, work ethic, exterior and health!
Think of the many thoughts, ideas and hopes behind each combination !!
A prerequisite as a breeder is to have good and interested puppy buyers! They make sure that the Roxanne dogs have a good life with a lot of love and care as well as the right dose of activities, everything from courses of various kinds to shows, hunting and tracking, obedience, use, agility etc.

My personal goal as a breeder is to see the whole, not stare blindly at individual details and to be honest and critical to the max in their own breeding, which can be painful sometimes!

Another "stick horse" when it comes to the kennel is to accept, allow and respect different types and orientations within the breed, of course within the limits of the standard, do not sit on high horses and believe that one way is the only right, everyone is blessed in their faith !


För mig började det hela 1973 med en vackert gyllene tvåårig Golden Retriever tik som hette Strömkarlens Pierina, hon var E: Int & Nord Ch Sintram-Västsjö Balalajka.
I andra och tredje led var hon dubblad på Apports Larry JR. Pierina, som ägdes av mina snälla grannar blev ”min” första hund. Tillsammans gick vi kurser, deltog på utställning m.m.

Merrybrooks Creme Cardinale ”Kira”

Strömkarlens Pierina ”Pierina”

År 1979 föddes hos Sigbrit Sahlström, Merrybrooks Créme Cardinale E: N U Ch Caliph of Yeo-Merrybrooks Mistletoe.
Kira inköptes av Mona Wilke, som jag hade förmånen att lära känna när jag som väldigt ung praktiserade på hennes kennel Kardinalen. När Kira var 8 månader flyttade hon till mig. Mona hade sedemera en kull E: Telmah Barnaby på Kira.

Min första och mycket efterlängtade kull föddes 1985 efter Kira och Int & Nord Ch Mjaerumhogdas Classic Sound, ”kullen” bestod av en hanvalp, Roxanne de Rubicon, (Tärningen är kastad…).

År 1985 kom Mjaerumhogdas Hannah Roxanna E: Janward Dollar-NUCH Mj. Starshine.till mig från Grete-Sofie och Eivind Mjaerums berömda kennel i Norge. Hannah blev således stammor till min andra tiklinje.

Tartuffs Divine Roxanne ”Dollie”
foto: Lillemor Böös

Mjaerumhogdas Hannah Roxanna ”Hannah”
foto: Christina Valsås

År 1987 inköptes Tartuffs Divine Roxanne E: Nortonwood Secreto-SUCH Lucretias I´m On Fire.

Dollie kom från Lillan Carlson och var ett barnbarn till den betydande avelstiken Noravon Lucretia. Tillsammans är dessa tre tikar grunden för min uppfödning.